We would like to welcome you to the official website of the City of Greenbrier. This site provides information about our quaint town as well as information about the City and our services. Please have a look around and stay awhile.

Greenbrier is located 23 miles north of Nashville in Robertson County.  We were incorporated in 1937 and are governed by a Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Since Greenbrier is located so close to major shopping and entertainment venues, we are able to offer a small, friendly community without losing the amenities of a big city.

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Greenbrier Gazette

I am very excited and honored to be Greenbrier's Mayor for the next four years. The past two years have been very busy striving to accomplish goals that the Board of Aldermen and City Management discussed and prioritized at their annual staff retreat.
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Press Release

The City of Greenbrier has some exciting news to share. Recently city officials met with TDOT Officials, TDOT Consultants, and CSX representatives to look at the railroad crossings within the city. The Industrial Drive and Main Street at-grade railroad/roadway crossings in Greenbrier were selected for review by TDOT's statewide risk analysis on all crossings.
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Railroad Crossings/Feedback Needed

The City of Greenbrier has been approached about the possibility of closing a railroad crossing in the interest of safety. CSR Engineering recently conducted a study on the amount of travel each crossing received daily. The last time a study was conducted was in 2006. Safety of the crossings are top priority. The results of the survey will be a tool used by the City of Greenbrier to guage citizen's opionions on crossing arms, traffic lights, and other various projects.

Please take the time to fill out the Railroad Crossings survey. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Zika Virus

With the threat of mosquito transmitted viruses, the City of Greenbrier wants all citizens to have a safe and healthy year. Please check out the State of Tennessee website for information regarding the Zika virus.
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