NOTE:  Sanitation is available for inside city limits residents only.  The City does not contract sanitation services for businesses.

  1. Sanitation must be bagged for pick-up.  
  2. Only household trash will be picked up.
  3. If you have boxes, break them down and place them beside drive on normal pickup day..          
  4. The sanitation crew will not pick up bagged leaves or yard clippings.  The City’s Public Works Department will pick up these items at the end of April and at the end of October (see details below).      
  5. Once a year, the City will sponsor a city-wide cleanup.  You will be notified on your water bill of the date.          
  6. The sanitation fee is included on the water bill. 


Limb and leaf pickup service

  1. All leaves must be bagged and limbs must be stacked beside the property line.  Do not obstruct the view of any roadway or block drainage.
  2. Do not stack limbs or leaves on meter boxes or sewer clean outs.         
  3. Limbs must be cut in lengths not to exceed 5 feet.         
  4. Limb service is offered to homeowners of the City of Greenbrier.  If a contractor cuts the limbs, he is responsible for the limb removal.  The contractor is not allowed to stack limbs beside the roadway.
  5. The Public Works Department will pick up leaves and limbs at the end of April and at the end of October.   
  6. If there are any questions, please contact City Hall at 643-4531.