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Special Park Use Form

  1. Location Requested
  2. Do you need this field for the entire day?
  3. Fees
  4. Non-league Practice
    $25 per hour with no lights, $35 per hour with lights
  5. Press Box with Field
    $30 per hour with no lights, $40 per hour with lights
  6. Baseball Pavillion
    $10 per hour
  7. Field Per Day
  8. Press Box
    $10 per hour
  9. $30 per hour with no lights, $40 per hour with lights
  10. Soccer Pavilion

    $10 per hour

  11. This should include setup and clean up time.
  12. If yes, please describe.
  13. If yes, describe and name the company from which the items are being secured. Please note that some amusement attractions require additional insurance coverage, and water inflatables are not permitted.
  14. Signage may be posted only on the day of the event. If being used, please describe signs or banners.
  15. Please note that you are responsible for all local, state, and federal guidelines. Describe any merchandise being sold or gifted.
  16. Compliance with the City of Greenbrier’s Sound Ordinance is required. Please describe any live music or sound amplification.
  17. Electronic Signature*
    I have read the Guidelines for Special Use, and agree to abide by these guidelines as well as all ordinances and regulations of the City of Greenbrier and by all the conditions placed on the event by the Greenbrier Parks and Recreation Department. I do swear and affirm that all of the information given is true and complete. I understand submittal of this application does not guarantee approval.
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